Zerain (83km and 900m elevation gain): A challenging route that connects Vitoria to the heart of Gipuzkoa, specifically to the Axalko bicycle factory. We depart from Vitoria heading east, crossing the Alavesa plain through its wonderful trails seemingly designed for the enjoyment of gravel cyclists. Along the way, we will pass through numerous very small villages, each with its own Romanesque church. This area is a true delight for lovers of Romanesque architecture, with more than 200 churches of this architectural style clustered in a few kilometers.

Upon reaching the outskirts of Alsasua, there will be a significant change in the route. From this point onward, the terrain becomes more mountainous, with an increased amount of asphalt roads, surrounded by beautiful forests. This second part of the route will test our legs as we make our way to Zerain and our destination at the Axalko factory.

gravel route basque country
Time kms km/h Ascent Descent
6,38h 82,8 12,5 780 990
Felipe Luzuriaga Lurbide
Felipe Luzuriaga
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