Gravel is a way of practicing sports and enjoying the bicycle that brings you the opportunity to discover unique places

Ride without limits

Experience unique routes and find yourself

We are inspired by what we find in nature and we aim to become part of it. We explore and we go through our environment with products that have their origin in the woods

Gravel bike

Wooden soul. It incorporates finest Axalko technology and adapts to the specific needs of the more demanding use. Extra though frame, which includes gravel groupset and wheels that will adapt to any terrain. Configure the vehicle that will go along with you to the end of the world and providing you a complete reliability

Traveling by bike is an awesome experience. Discover routes that will lead you to unexpected places. Going through tracks, paths and roads without limit will guide/drive you to an encounter with yourself

Axalko Bicycle Framebuilders

Gravel bike

Sizing is standard. Fiber layers are customized and unique for your size, weight and riding style

gravel bike axalko
Axalko tech frame bike

Axalko gravel bike geometry

Axalko bike frame geometry
51 54 57.4 59.5
STACK 527 547 591 615
REACH 354 375 389 396
SEAT TUBE ANGLE 75 74 73 72
TOP TUBE LENGTH 500 537 575 596
WHEEL SIZE 700cc 700cc 700cc 700cc
HEAD TUBE ANGLE 70 71 73 73
HEAD TUBE LENGTH 120 135 175 200
WHEELBASE 995 1018 1040 1055
CHAINSTAY LENGTH 430 430 430 430
FORK OFFSET 41 41 41 41
FRONT CENTER 575 607 619 634

Only a bike frame? Or a complete bike ready to ride?

The price of each Axalko depends on your choices. We provide the frame, you choose the components. Send us your preferences and we will make an initial quotation of your bike

axalko High end bicycle frames made of natural fibers

Try an Axalko bike

Try an Axalko gravel or road bike. Push it to the limit and discover a new way of riding

print your soul in your bike frame

We will print your personalized design in the outer layer for anyone to see it


you can hide a secret message in an inner layer

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