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Each Axalko frame and  bike is unique

Axalko produces limited editions based on unrepeatable wood combinations

Sizing is standard, fiber layers are customized

Only a bike frame? Or a complete bike ready to ride?

Axalko tech frame bike

The price of each Axalko depends on your choices. We provide the frame, you choose the components. Send us your preferences and we will make an initial quotation of your bike

Your bike hasn’t been created yet. You can buy the bike frame or the complete bike. You configure your bike with us being able to customize its components up to the last decision

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Our team will help you to create your perfect bicycle

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print your soul in your bike frame

We will print your personalized design in the outer layer for anyone to see it


you can hide a secret one in an inner one

wood bike frame building, Axalko bicycles

It takes more than 600 process hours to create each Axalko frame from raw material to the last detail

axalko High end bicycle frames made of natural fibers

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Try an Axalko gravel or road bike. Push it to the limit and discover a new way of riding