High end bicycle frames

Made of natural fibers

Engineered, tested and produced in the Basque Forests

Gravel, Road & Urban

Stiffness, comfort and lightweight

Improve riding quality

By R&D and extensive testing we have developed an exclusive technology to build bikes with natural fibers and wood. Axalko bikes offer the balanced combination of stiffness, comfort and lightweight to improve riding quality and experience

Axalko bikes

Sizing is standard. We will optimize fiber layout to fit your size, weight and riding style

Road bike axalko. hight tech bike frame

Why wooden bicycles?

We were inspired by nature and we are committed to meet the needs of most demanding bike riders

sustainable bike , wooden frame bike Axalko

It is a matter of passion and responsibility

Biomaterials, particularly wood, match human senses and generate well-being. Moreover, wood is environment-friendly and sustainable


Zero carbon footprint

Sustainable development is possible. Join us in our mission to make the world a better place

hight technology frame bike Axalko

High technology

Wood and other natural fibers have evolved for eons. Wisely used, their properties can match and surpass the best synthetic materials

Nature is beautiful, balanced, elegant and unique. So are Axalko Bikes

Wooden bicycles. Axalko bike frame builders

600 process hours

Creating each single Axalko requires from raw material to the last detail, time and expertise

wooden bicycle Axalko, gravel bike

Each Axalko frame and bike is unique


Each Axalko fits your specific needs and riding style. Built in our workshop in the middle of the Basque Forest

Feel Wood

Feel Good

Axalko produces limited editions based on unrepeatable wood combinations

Sizing is standard. Fiber layers are customized and unique

Axalko tech frame bike
Road bike Axalko, wooden bike frame builders

Create your own bike

Find some recommended builds in our catalogue. Inspire yourself and choose one or if you prefer select personally every component on your bike

print your soul in your bike frame

We will print your personalized design in the outer layer for anyone to see it


you can hide a secret message in an inner layer

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